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The C# (pronounced C-Sharp) programming language is an object-oriented language for creating various applications. Due to the object-oriented approach, beginners can access the programming language very quickly and easily. Thanks to extensive features, the programming language is suitable for creating complex tools for industry as well as for smaller applications.

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With C# you can create Windows applications, computer games, tools, console applications or your own programs. If you want to learn C# practically and develop your own programs, software, tools or applications already during the workshop, then this workshop is the best choice for you.

Course Info


In this workshop the basics of C# are shown step by step. At the beginning of the course, a project folder is first created in which the contents of the workshop are practically worked out together and saved. You can use this project folder as a reference book after the workshops. You are also welcome to bring in your own ideas, which our coach will go through with you in the workshop.

Who is this workshop for?

The workshop is aimed at all C# beginners, retrainees and those interested in gaining a thorough insight into the programming language and writing their own applications.

Required previous knowledge

Apart from curiosity and enthusiasm for the topic, no previous knowledge is required. The workshop is independent of age, level of education or special previous knowledge. The necessary knowledge will be imparted during the course.

Course materials

We ensure that you receive all workshop materials. This includes notes, presentations, supporting materials and project files. You do not need to take notes or write anything down. You should only have the appropriate software installed on your computer.


Due to the Corona crisis and the accompanying security regulations, the workshops will take place exclusively via digital platforms. Participants will receive a link three days before the start of the workshop. Via this link they can participate in the event.

Required software

The following software must be installed on your computer for successful completion of the course:

  • Visual Studio 2020 (Community Edition), free of charge


Learning objectives

The following skills will be gained at the end of the "C# Fundamentals" Workshop. Individual learning objectives can also be agreed upon in advance:

  • You get to know the programming language C#
  • You can program independently
  • You understand C# and know the advantages and disadvantages
  • You can carry out your own projects


  • Introduction .NET
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Data types
  • Classes vs Objects
  • Functions
  • Loops and conditions
  • LINQ
  • Exception-Handling
  • Interfaces
  • Abstract classes
  • Delegates
  • Generic classes
  • Design Patterns
  • Console applications
  • WPF-Apps
  • Best Practices
  • Many practical projects



  • 1 Day
  • 9:00 till 17:00
  • 9 units á 45 minutes
  • Break time of 75 minutes freely divisible


  • 4 Days
  • 9:00 till 17:00
  • 9 units á 45 minutes per day
  • Break time of 75 minutes freely divisible


Booking confirmation

Upon successful ordering of the course, you will receive a booking confirmation sent to your email. In the booking confirmation all important details about your order are summarized again.

Cancellation free of charge

You can cancel the course free of charge up to three days before the start without giving any reason. If you can foresee it earlier, please let us know in advance. Then we can give a free place to other participants on the waiting list.


You do not have to pay any participation or processing fees in advance. Invoicing takes place one week after the successful completion of the course.


CSB-SParticipation in the 1-day STARTER workshop, receipt of all materials and certificate of participation, incl. performance of all practical projects699.00 € incl. VAT
CSB-WEParticipation in the 4-day WEEKEND COURSE, receipt of all materials and certificate of participation, including performance of all practical projects.2499.00 € incl. VAT
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We have helped hundreds of students, course participants and people learn complex topics quickly and easily. We would be happy to help you as well.


You can also register with us by phone or e-mail. Let us know your desired date and we will check for you if there are still available places. You are also welcome to ask any questions in advance.

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