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The focus of realtime visualizations lies within the representation of products, commodities, services, processes or inventions. Realtime visualization usually contains a small amount of interactivity although it is possible to add different functionalities in realtime applications and visualizations can be designed even more interactively if required. The main focus is the creation of high quality visualizations within a realtime application. 3D engines are commonly used for realtime visualizations and we use the following tools in the studio:

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We usually receive 3D models from our customers. They may be CAD, BIM or other models with a high amount of polygons. We recreate them so that they can be used as high quality assets within a realtime engine. If we don’t get 3D data from our customers we can provide the models as an additional service. In order to accomplish this goal we use workflows and tools from realtime development. The workflows are state of the art and are established within the media industry. Despite that, we scrutinize these workflows and customize the tools to the required needs. We don’t use a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, we observe the necessities of the client and work on the projects individually.

In projects we are agile and focused. As we are grow and develop, we question our own working techniques.

Diversity of applications

Our customers are often impressed by the possibilities of a realtime visualization. With the help of photorealistic textures we can create almost totally realistic vizualisations. The possibilities are unlimited. Architecture, mobility, medicine, science, arts and sports are prominent areas of applications. We are enthusiastic about every new project and we are committed to learning new things.

Case study

Project: Solar showcase
Customer: Solavinea

Starting situation

The image shows a port of the solavinea realtime visualization within a vr application The inventors of Solavinea had already created a prototype before we started the project. The prototype demonstrated the core features of the invention. From the beginning, this prototype served as a proof of concept and was mostly completed. For the next step the invention had to be presented to potential clients, inventors or cooperation partners. The problem was that the invention was too large and not easily transportable.

In order to solve this problem the customers decided to create a realtime application. The visualization could then be installed on mobile devices or tablets. With this approach it was now possible to present the invention at exhibitions, trade fairs and networking events.


The customer prioritised the following aspects:

  • High quality realization of the realtime application
  • Interactivity of the solar panels for demonstration of the core features
  • Dynamic day and night cycles and weather simulation
  • Mediterrean setting
  • High end graphics
  • Mobile application


You are not sure if a realtime project suits You? Or if it should be a gamifiction? You can ask us anytime! It happens often, that only some ingredients of a production fits better to the needs of our customers. We take our time and help You to figure out which project may be suitable for You. Our customers are often not aware of the nowadays possibilities. A short call or consulting for the topic can help a lot. You can write, call or we can arrange to meet with you personally. We looking forward to hear from You!

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