What is Gamification?

Gamification projects can be described as a mixture between branch specific projects and computer games. These projects are often realized within a realtime engine such as Unreal Engine or Unity3D. These projects often use concepts from computer games but are different in their goal. Gamification projects can also be described as serious games. In contrast to regular game development the focus of gamification projects lie within the topic of the client. Educational games, quizzes, interactive manuals, configurators, experiences or interactive 3D viewers may be included in gamification projects. Other applications can also be included. For example, projects that help users find a solution to a problem through a playful approach. There are many subjects that can be learned quicker through interactive games!

3D engines are quite common for gamification projects. The following engines and tools are often used for gamification projects.

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Master challenges playfully!

Gamification projects use technologies and possibilities from the gaming industry and our knowledge from game development is used to achieve this goal. In contrast to game production, the focus of gamification lies within a product, service or the solution to a problem. Instead of entertainment as the main purpose, gamification prioritizes the industrial case of application. The main goal is often a problem solving solution. In order to find a solution, gamification uses known techniques from game development. Game elements are used to support the goals of the client. In contrast to a game production, a gamification project is highly customized to the client’s needs. This considers the goal, values, public image, CI and other policies of the company.


Our clients can count on the reliability and dedication of our studio even for complex projects and tight timelines. We are highly reliable and dedicated and we complete the required product with strict attention to the highest quality. We handle change requests in flexible terms, which allows our clients to alter the project details and content at any time. In the last few years we have built a strong network in the industry and with the resources at our disposal we can scale projects successfully. We always take the time for our clients and are long-term orientated.

Case study

Project: VR Quiz
Customer: FischerAppelt AG

Starting situation

The image show a screenshot from a VR-Quiz for the FischerAppelt AG company The client supplied a rough concept for the gamification project at the very start. The concept contained the basic idea behind the project which was used as a basis for discussion. With this concept in mind we began to define precise goals. The idea was that the project should be used for learning purposes. The challenging part was that the client was releasing a lot of new products. These new products had to be learned by co-workers and existing customers in a fun and playful way.

In order to fulfill their goals the client decided to create a quiz-game in VR. The players learned and explored the new products in the VR-quiz which also had to be entertaining and exciting. For this goal the partners decided to use interactive elements and new experimental features.


The customer prioritised the following aspects:

  • High-quality visualization within a short timeline
  • No motion-sickness game mechanics were allowed
  • High-end graphics
  • Realisation with consideration of the CI from the customer
  • Integration of advertising material within the game

In case of uncertainty, just ask us!

Are you unsure that a gamification project is right for you? Or if it should be a realtime project? Maybe a serious game? You can ask us! It often happens that only some components of a production fit the needs of our clients. We take the time and help you to figure out which project may be suitable for you. Our clients are sometimes unaware of the possibilities nowadays but a quick call or consultation on the subject can be very useful. You can write, call or arrange to meet with us personally. We are looking forward to hear from you!

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