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What is Gamification? Gamification projects are applications that present a problem solution in a playful way. Projects are implemented with a real-time environment and technologies from game development are used. This includes for example Unity3D or Unreal Engine. A detailed article on this can be found at the following link: "What is gamification?". You are welcome to use solutions and expertise from the studio if you want to implement gamification projects for your company.


Gamification projects focus on your own industry-specific theme. Learning games, quizzes, interactive instructions, configurators, virtual experiences and interactive 3D representations are common solutions. But there are also many individual ways to use gamification for your company.

CASE STUDY: "Learning in VR"

Customer: FischerAppelt AG
Project: VR Quiz

Customer idea

A screenshot of a VR quiz gamification application from the Unreal Engine, which shows a kitchen with table, fridge and kitchenette The customer had submitted a rough concept for gamification at the beginning of the contact. The concept was not completely worked out and the draft served as a basis for discussion. A basic objective was to be defined.

The challenge was that the customer wanted to launch a number of new products. Existing customers first had to get to know the new products. To do this, the new product range was to be learned in a playful way.

To solve this problem, a quiz game was to be implemented in VR. The quiz was also to be designed in an exciting and entertaining way. Interactive elements and experimental game mechanics were to be incorporated.


The following aspects were of high importance for the customer:

  • High quality execution under consideration of a tight schedule
  • No motion sickness inducing game mechanics
  • Hi-End graphics
  • Implementation of the game according to the corporate identity of the client
  • Interspersing advertising materials the VR Gamification application.

YOUR Benefits

In gamification projects the know how of games development is used for your objective. In contrast to game development, the focus is on your product or service. Instead of entertainment, your use case becomes the priority. The main focus is on solving your specific problem. To find a solution, proven elements from game development can be used. The playful elements support your project. Gamification projects are adapted to a high degree to your needs. This includes, among other things, the objectives, values, external image, CI and other guidelines of your company.


Gamification projects often use 3D, 2D or game engines. These can be complemented by different middleware or framework components. The following software products are usually used for gamification applications in the studio:

The Unity logo is shown
The Unreal logo is shown
Cocos2D Logo is shown
Autodesk Maya logo for 3D modeling and animation
Adobe Photoshop logo for 2D post-processing and graphics creation
Allegorithmic Substance Designer Logo for Texture Creation
Atlassian Jira logo for project planning and coordination

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