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Game development is our core business. The fundamental variants of our expertise include the production of entertainment software, computer and mobile games, VR-, AR-, MR -games, serious games and other software in the entertainment industry. The games industry often uses different game engines or frameworks and in some special cases we use our own frameworks. Our clients sometimes have custom hardware or installations. In these cases we can create custom software and most commonly use the following game engines:

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Benefits of game production

The possibilities and goals of entertainment software are often different and individual. For example: higher client loyalty, use of innovative technology, digital advertising, product explanation or entertainment media. The game production may also complement an existing system or business and do so in a playful manner. Many use cases are possible such as co-worker training, marketing purposes or trade fairs. Because of widespread operational areas, there are an unlimited number of possible targets for game production. The prominence of entertainment software continues to increase steadily, especially for industrial use cases.

The development of games is not restricted to the production of digital media. Games can also be produced as analog media.

Case study

Project: Beast Of Prey
Customer: MyGym Sinsheim

Starting situation

The image shows a female player in KAT VR, preparing for the next match within the game Before we met the client they had ordered a KATWALK VR through Kickstarter. The hardware was a rudimentary prototype designed to test possible use cases within the fitness industry. The goal was to offer members of MyGym (Fitness club using innovative technologies) a worldwide unique experience.

The challenging part of this project was that the delivered software was not suitable for the fitness target group. In order to solve this problem, the client decided to create their own game production.


The following aspects were important to the client:

  • The player should be able to walk, run, jump and hunt in the virtual world
  • High quality of used assets
  • Motion sickness should be reduced to a minimum
  • High-end graphics
  • The game should contain a custom setting to fulfill the needs of individual fitness members


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