Welcome to "The Misadventures of Denniz and Diana"! We are very glad to anounce our first release and give You an impression of our work. Hopefully You will like our game, and play the demo version for free. You can write us anytime your feedback, ideas, bugs or just friendly wishes at

Denniz and Diana are standing around, talking about jumping in Nearby Forest with pixel art graphics.


I think there's a story

Denniz is standing next to a checkpoint flag with coins floating around him in Nearby Forest with pixel art graphics.

4 Areas,

each with their own set of levels and a boss-fight each.

Denniz and Diana are overseeing the burning and fiery NaN-City, resting on the ledge of a tall building.


Up to 4 Players can either work together to reach the goal or kill each other!

Denniz and Diana are at Brisk Beach, pixelated palm trees, a volley-ball net and the sea in the background.

5+ unlockable characters,

each with their own twist.

Denniz hits barbed wires and dies wall-jumping up the inside of a burning building in NaN-City.

1-Hit suffering

Are 1-hit deaths a feature...?

Two side-by-side screenshots of the normal and UHC/hardcore version of Nearby Forest's second level respectively, showcasing the difference in difficulty and obstacles.

Normal difficulty is too boring?

Try Ultra Hardcore mode! Where even the first level will make you suffer!

Denniz and Diana find out about NaN-City's destruction as they scream in shock. A disabled Fire Robot is sitting beyond some barbed wire, ready to attack the siblings any time.

Assist Mode,

in case you're bad at the game and need help.

This is a screenshot of Diana, surrounded by confetti, having just finished a level, to showcase the detailed pixel art graphics and effects.

Fast, incredible GFX

Pixel Art at its finest.

Denniz is resting between two stage entries of Nearby Forest, clouds passing by him in the background.


Our hero.

Diana stands in front of a crooked, destroyed building of NaN-City, a broken down car and fire not far away from.


Our heroine.

Jannick has infiltrated the hideout of the villain, Freaky Factory, and is about to find out where he is actually hiding. An old computer is within Jannick's reach, but so are two disabled missile cannons.

Jannick G

A friend. He likes VR.

The mermaid Neputunu rests at the edge of Brisk Beach, a large pointy rock with a level entry door close to her, and both a wide ocean and a few palm trees within reach.


The daughter of the sea.


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